Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Tips To Enhance The Battery Life Of Self-Balancing Scooter

Self-balancing scooters are nothing but the two-wheeled hoverboards that allows you travel for a certain distance by using them. When we speak about its performance and travelling distance the battery plays an important role. The scooter fully depends on the battery to work, and the battery can be rechargeable. In most cases the battery performs well at first, but as the time goes it will be difficult for the batteries to hold the charge for a long time.

It is not a matter that you have read how many self balancing scooter review before buying a scooter for you. This is the fact for all battery-based products. But, here I have mentioned some don’ts you should avoid those points to enhance your scooter’s battery life.

Don’t Let It To Switch-Off:

It is not advisable to let your battery to switch-off because of low power. Don’t let your battery power to go below 20% so try to maintain your battery power level at 20% and above. Meanwhile, it is also good to let your battery drain completely once in a month to know the ability of your battery. Don’t do that more than once in a month.

Don’t Overcharge Your Battery:

Overcharging the Lithium battery also do harm, so don’t overcharge the battery. Suppose if you charged the battery up to 100%, then drive your scooter for some time and reduce 10% of charge. Don’t forget to follow 40-80% rule and don’t charge the battery for a whole night. Do ride with your scooters periodically.

Don’t Overheat The Battery:

Overheating may also damage your battery, so avoid overheating your battery. Riding more at room temperature also can over heat your device and battery, so limit the usage of Scooters at home. Overheating may also cause short circuiting the battery.

Don't Replace The Original Battery

Always use the original battery to charge your hoverboard. Because if you use other batteries, it may harm the battery and its life span. Because the original charger by the hoverboard manufacturer is always tested for high quality. You can also buy extra charger from the manufacturer if you need. So, avoid duplicate chargers in order to avoid the hoverboard damage.

Don't Let The Battery To Die

Sometimes if you fail to charge your hoverboard, the battery begin to discharge.  There will be always an indication in the hoverboard when only 5% power left. So, you should charge your battery once it is down at the right time to prevent  discharging

Try to avoid these mistakes while charging and riding your self-balancing scooters.  Just go through how self balancing scooter works  to know some interesting facts about how it really works.